About our courses

When starting to learn something new all you need is a trusted companion. What we offer is personal assistance during the beautiful journey of learning to play piano by chords. We keep it simple and make sure that you enjoy the process and get all the info you need.

Wish you could play your favorite song on the piano but don’t know from where to start? Or to sit at a family dinner and amaze your family with the perfect accompaniment for their beloved song? The “Piano-by-Chords” courses are what you need in order to get there.

We are aware of the difficulties beginners’ experience, not knowing exactly where to begin or sometimes getting stuck, not knowing how to proceed or even what is the right question to ask.

Piano-by-Chords is structured to help you learn how to play the piano easily and quickly.
You will start playing popular songs right from the beginning and with our clear and simple method we’ll make sure you will play in no time!.

We combine video lessons with downloadable PDF files to make sure you’ll have all you need in order to step into the world of piano chords and apply what you’ve learned when playing the next popular song you have always wanted to play. So with each chord and every rhythm you learn you play a new song. You watch, you learn and you apply, it’s that SIMPLE.

In addition, we guarantee our full support to make sure both your technical and theoretical questions will be fully answered. We offer that personal touch every student needs.

We are continuously working on our site to ensure you have the best learning experience you’ve ever had. If you have suggestions on how we can make our site better – let us know! We promise that every idea will be considered. We want you to get involved. After all, the reason we do this is to be a part of community of students who share the passion of learning how to play piano by chords.

So look around our website, watch our videos and start to feel the energy we have invested here.
Piano-by-Chords will help you to make your dream come true – to play beautiful piano music. We’re looking forward to playing together.