How does it work?

We work with ClickBank, which is the most reliable Affiliate Program manager on the web.

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When someone you refer to us makes a purchase, your Clickbank account is automatically credited.

ClickBank is our only payment processor; therefore you can be sure that you will get your commission on any sale that you refer to us

One more thing you should know: if the customer doesn’t buy immediately, but goes back to our sales page and make the purchase after 90 days, you get your commission due to the ClickBank tracking system. Actually, most of our customers first subscribe to our free lessons, and after a while they make the purchase. Your commission is assured.

How do you get PAID?

Clickbank pays you the commission.
Clickbank will send you your commission, weekly or bi-monthly, either by:-

  1. Transferring payment directly to your bank account
  2. or, sending you paychecks.

By logging into your Clickbank account you can see updated information about how many people you have referred to us and of course also your sales and commissions status.