How Much Could You Earn?

We give the maximum possible commission which is 75%(!!) on each sale that you make!

Our customers have two options –

  1. Monthly plan at $20 a month. You will get 75% of the first $20 and then on each rebill.
  2. One year plan at $97. You will get 75% of this. In this option there is no rebill after one year. Most customers decide to get this product because with the one year plan they can download not only the PDF sheet music, but also the videos.

Here is an example of your making sales of our one year product, and see how much you can earn, where a year’s membership costs $97 and you receive approx. $70 (after Clickbank fees.)

Sales per day Monthly income Yearly income
1 $2100 $25200
2 $4200 $50400
5 $10500 $126000