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Piano-by-Numbers for Beginners:


The Best and Easiest Course for Beginners!

If you are a complete beginner who wants to learn quickly and easily – this course is the best for you. We have developed a unique course which focuses on the most important skills you need as a beginner, without having to learn how to read notes. With our revolutionary method you will play popular tunes right from the first lesson, and will therefore be encouraged to continue learning.

Contains 80 tunes and exercises with video tutorials
Price: $39.00
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Blues Licks Ebook:


Learn how to Improvise with Blues Licks!

This unique Ebook contains sheet music and audio files of licks examples, from which I show you how to implement them in the Blues. You will find here Licks from the major and minor Blues scales, in different rhythmic patterns and much more…

Contains 30 piano sheets and audio samples of Improvisations based on Blues Licks
Price: $19.00
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Christmas for Beginners:


Learn how to play Christmas songs on piano from scratch!

If you just started playing the piano, our Christmas Ebook 1, will guide you, step by step, until you are playing simple basic versions of Christmas songs without even having to read piano notes. By simply following our clear and instructive video demonstrations, you will be playing Christmas songs easily and quickly.

Contains 20 Christmas songs at level 1
Price: $19.00

Christmas for Beginners – Intermediate:


Learn how to play the melody and a simple accompaniment of Christmas songs 

What if you can already play melodies with your right hand and you don’t know what to do with the left? Our second Christmas E-book is just what you’re looking for. We will guide you hand by hand until you can play the melody with the right hand and show you how to accompany with the left. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your coordination while playing Christmas songs on the piano, this E-book is just what you need.

Contains 20 Christmas songs at level 2
Price: $19.00

Christmas for Intermediate:


Learn how to play challenging Christmas arrangements

In our Christmas E-book 3 we give you challenging arrangements of Christmas songs for you to play and enjoy. You may need more time to practice and very soon you will astonish your friends and family with your accomplishments!

Contains 20 Christmas songs at level 3
Price: $19.00