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michelle“I am 46 years old and I took piano lessons when I was about 8 years old for about a year. So my knowledge was limited. But then my kids (ages 12 and 13 now) started taking lessons and I felt like I needed to study and learn more so I could keep up with them. Piano-Play-It has helped me do just that and more. I have learned so much!” Click here to read more…
Michelle Helms, 46, Atlanta, GA USA


Sherri“When I was 5, my Mama tried to teach me to play the piano. But it was hopeless. It seemed so complicated; I just didn’t get it. The years passed, and I could only admire & envy others as they sat at the piano & played beautiful music. Click here to read more…

Sherri Michaels,65, Mississippi, U.S.A


Testimonial-Esti-Walter-2“You cannot believe how thrilled I was to find your website with such an easy way to learn how to play the piano. Knowing how to play the piano has been my dream since I was a child – my father was a piano teacher – he would play for hours, I would listen in awe…. He left me his piano which, over the years, has been collecting dust and many ornaments.
I started working through your lessons a few weeks ago and am truly amazed  Click here to read more..

Estie Walter,55, London


Jonny“Learning from your site for me is by far the easiest and most enjoyable, and I’ve tried them all. I really like that you play the song through once before the teaching begins to get an idea of what it should sound like. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks.”

Jonny Young,24, Manchester



Testimonial-humbero“I am 67 years old and have always loved piano music. But it wasn’t until a few years ago, while I was nearing retirement that I started to study the piano and play it regularly. Piano-Play-It.com was the first online learning resource that I used, and I have learned a great deal from it, giving me a solid foundation to continue to learn and improve. Piano by Numbers contains systematic instruction Click here to read more..
Humberto Cruz, 67, Vero Beach, Florida