The Benefits

Unlimited access

Membership at Piano-by-Chords is the key to the collection of all our piano chords lessons. You get full access to all the lessons which you can watch at any time and without limitation.

New lessons and courses added regularly

We aim to provide you with more information on how to play Piano-by-Chords by updating our library with new lessons and courses to make sure you keep developing as a pianist. Click here to see our courses.

High quality clear and effective videos

We make certain that you get well edited and high quality videos giving you clear instructions how to play.

Downloadable PDF files

Together with the videos we give you downloadable PDF’s to help you fully understand the exercises and songs as shown in the videos. Our PDF’s are clear and easy to follow and will give you a full understanding of each of the lessons.

Learn with any device that you have

We are sure that you can use our lessons anywhere at any time as our site is completely responsive and ready for use on your mobile devices.

Have a MASTER as your teacher

David Yzhaki, our piano instructor, is a phenomenal pianist, and a well-known and respected performer as well as a professional online piano teacher.
You’ll feel comfortable with his level of expertise and his informal approach and passion.

Step-by-step learning

We have followed up on the progress of thousands of students and have learned how to make learning how to play Piano-by-Chords simple and efficient. We give prompt and accurate answers to your questions. You can also watch an entire course from beginning to end if you choose to.

Personal support

We will answer all your questions, help you with your doubts and invite you to share your experience with us. As we want to see you playing the piano well, we are available at all times to help you out, providing tips, a good word, and any advice and support you may need.